How to solve the install error of Virtualbox on Ubuntu 16.04

04 Dec 2016 2-minute read
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As most programmers I prefer to program on my local machine. To this end I use Virtualbox in combination with Vagrant.
A few months back I changed from a Mac to a Linux machine and I decided to use Ubuntu 16.04 at the time.

After installing all my tool I ran my vagrant box to start working on a project. But as quick as vagrant box started it halted and I got an installation error.
According to the system my Virtual box installation was incomplete.
Some closer investigation showed that vboxdrv was not loaded.

Research pointed out out that since Kernel version 4.4.0–20 there was a signifanct change. Unsigned kernel modules were no longer allowed to run with Secure Boot enabled.
So the next logical step is to sign the modules that Virtual box uses.

The vboxdrv is not the only module you need to sign. You also need to sign the following modules: vboxnetflt, vboxnetadp, and vboxpci.

After signing all the modules you need to do step 4 and reboot. After the reboot you can enroll the MOK keys. For a visual guide you of the enrollment you can see here: SecureBoot Graph.

For more information about signing modules I suggest you go read here.

After following these steps your Virtual Box should be good to go.
Happy developing!