7 Reasons why I build my own website

I opted for creating my own website. Not owned by any platform like Medium, dev.to. In this post I explain why I did this and why you should too.

How bullying impacted my life

When I was younger I got bullied, badly. In this very personal post I delve deeper into my past to show you how it changed me and how I try to deal with that.

Envisioning a Product: The Kano Model

When creating a product it is important to have a good product vision. After all you need to know what exactly it is you’re going to build. In this post I introduce you to the Kano model for reaching that point of knowing what to build.

1001 ideas, let’s take some action!

We all have so many ideas. Time to act upon them.

Achieve and improve by going from consumer to producer

Consumer vs Producer. I filled in a small survey and came to a conclusion. In the first place, I’m a consumer. But is that what I want to be? I dig deeper into this in this post.

Codeception 101: Start to test

Testing our code is so important. But how can you easily manage all those different tests? Introducing Codeception. In this post I will show you how to setup this tool so you can easily test your code.

Digital Detox: My own meandering experience

As a developer I look at my screen almost continuously. This was burning me out and I needed a break away from technology. So I took a digital detox. In this post I will show you what I did and how it felt.

Twig Params as Twig Path() params

For our project we wanted to create a Base CrudController. One to be reused by all the CRUD controllers. One missing piece of the puzzle was how to pass the correct entity in the path. In this post I will show you how we do this with Twig.

PHP Limburg: The Talk Proposal Survey

During our November meetup we noticed that a lot of people really wanted to do a talk. Yet they were unsure wether their subject was good enough or they did not know how to start with speaking. So we did a little survey. This post reveals the results.

The Boy Scout Rule

Ever worked with legacy code? Then the Boyscout rule is a rule for you. In this post I will tell you how this rule will improve that legacy code.