Using a physical agenda to boost productivity and ease of mind

I caught myself moving more and more to digital systems again. So I started using an analog planner. In this post I go deeper into this.

Forget resolutions, living happy one goal at a time

A new year, a new set of resolutions. But are resolutions the correct way? I believe we should goals. In this post I explain why and how you can set your own goals.

How to solve the install error of Virtualbox on Ubuntu 16.04

I recently changed from Mac to Linux. But my machine gave an install error on VirtualBox. This post will explain how I fixed it.

Are our working hours broken?

At the moment in Belgium there is a debate whether or not the government should reform the working hours of the employees. What is going and is the system broken? I go deeper into this in this post.

You failed, so what?

Failure, it happens all the time. Yesterday I failed again.

Does it have to be perfect?

Perfect, some us put everything on hold waiting for it to be perfect. But will that ever come?

Analog Systems and the Urge to Digitize

Digital platforms, I use them everyday. But the more I use them the more I want to switch to something analog. Why do we go so heavy on the digital transformation?

Productivity vs busyness

Did a lot of work but you don’t feel productive? Maybe you were just acting busy. Check out the difference in this post. Packages and Theme

After my previous post about, I want to give you all a list of handy packages and themes

With so many editors and IDE’s out there I decided to have a look at Atom.