1001 ideas, let’s take some action!

28 Oct 2018 One-minute read

A 1001 ideas, things we want to do. Milestones we want to achieve.
Tucked away in the back of your mind. Placed there due to fear. Fear of what might be or fear of what others might think.

But it piles up and sits there. And like all piles, they distract. We stumble over them from time to time like a pile of rubbish in our way. Unaware of the diamond that the pile could contain. But we wonder, wonder of what might be if we just take action.

I just wrote this post. Taken straight from my pile of ideas. Unhindered by other people’s thoughts and if it will go viral or even be read. It’s another load off my shoulders, a small win and a proud moment for myself.

Tomorrow I might take another crazy idea from that pile and start making it real. Clearing my head and venturing into the wild.

How about you? Ready to empty that pile?