Challenging Myself: Writing 30 days in a row

17 Apr 2016 One-minute read

I’ve always wanted to write more blog posts. But writing seems to be one of the harder hobbies to start and persist in in comparison to most of my other hobbies.

There are many things to consider when writing a blog post, at least in my mind. There are the usual suspects like topic, length and tone of writing. But even more so the social aspect of writing a post.
How will people perceive this text and what will it bring in motion. But this is just a demon in the mind. A worry that is unnecessary.

Last week I read about someone finishing a 30 day writing challenge. He had the same problems I’m facing right now.
In the end he noticed that the more he wrote the better the idea flow went.

The length is of no concern. It is better to write one short post than none at all. Seth Godin is a great example of this.
The reactions of people were better as expected and those that do not like the post will simply ignore.

So here we go, I’ll be doing the same challenge. Who knows, maybe after 30 days my mind will be racing with idea’s and writing will be a breeze.