Does it have to be perfect?

22 Apr 2016 One-minute read

It needs to be the perfect time.

The idea is not ripe yet.

It has to look perfect.

The post must be better first.

I need more knowledge before I start.

I’m not sure I’m ready yet.

While you were waiting for the “perfect” moment, time, idea or whatever, you have let wonderful, amazing, super and even good enough just let you pass by.

It could have been magical or even the best new thing out there. But you let it slip past while waiting for that “perfect” status.

When you wait to long and you’ll figure out that “perfect” will never be you will feel a lot of guilt, regret and dismay.

So forget “perfect”, nothing is. Write and publish that post, make that art, write that code, ask that person out. Just go for it.
It doesn’t have to be long or beautiful, of great quality or all romantic. Just do it and thinks will work out for themselves. Trust me.