Forget resolutions, living happy one goal at a time

02 Jan 2017 2-minute read


So we’re at the start of 2017 and most people did what we usually do. We made resolutions.

The problem with a resolution is that it is easy to lose sight of. Most people will stop pursuing theirs by February. After 1/12th of a year 99% of the people will have abandoned their resolutions. That’s a high fail rate.

Now, I have been there. Most of my resolutions stand tall until the summer and then usually crumble away. By the end of the year I’ve forgotten all about them as I’m preparing my new resolutions.

One Goal At A Time

Starting next year I’m taking a different approach to resolutions. Better said, I’m dropping them. Instead I’ll be working with one focused goal at a time.

By working with a single goal you can focus much better on the plan of attack. It’s also easier to create said plan of attack.
It also makes it easier to maintain a clear vision of the next step.

Another positive side-effect is that when you meet your goal you can just create a new one. And start all over again, no more waiting until the next new year.
This means your goal can have any size and you can still keep your momentum. The key here is to keep it a S.M.A.R.T. goal.

Smart Goals

My Goal(s)

So what is my first goal? I’ll be focusing on educational goals. The first goal will be to learn how to write a decent plug-in for WordPress by the end of January.

Next up will be my Symfony3 certification by the end of August 2017. I kept the deadline for this goal further into the future to give me enough learning time. After that I still need to see what the next goal will be.