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19 Apr 2016 3-minute read
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So yesterday I talked about in this post.
And as promised today I will give you a list of handy packages that I use in overal for my PHP and webdevelopment.


Highlight Line

The highlight line package does as it’s name implies. It will highlight the entire line your cursor is on. This is mostly a visual aid.

Highlight Selected

With this package you can easily identify a word or a variable that is selected in the rest of the file. This visual aid will make it easier to debug code.

Open Recent

This is a pretty standard package that is actually missing from the core. The community of course looked after this by creating this post to solve this problem.

Atom Beautify

If you ever need an auto formatter than this is the package you’re looking for. Compatible with HTML, CSS, Javascript and more it is by far the easiest way to format a file on the fly.


The expose package is more a package for visual aid. It will take all your open tabs and display them in an expose style, hence the name.


Pigment is a handy little package that will aid you in your css color adventures.

HTML Editing

For the editing of html you have two decent options.
The first package will autocomplete your html tag while the second package will auto close the tag. Together they form the base of any good html editor.

Auto Detect Indentation

Don’t you just hate it when indentation of code is not working as it should. Well this package will make life and reading the code a whole lot easier.

PHP Auto Complete

Aside from the html editing there is also a PHP auto-complete package. This is definitely the basic for editing PHP files.


Symfony is one of the main frameworks that I work with. For this I have found 2 packages that come in handy.
The first package will provide a bunch of tools and auto completion. This mainly on classes and services.
The second package provides snippets based on Symfony development.


I’ve also found two useful packages for working with git directly in Atom itself.
The time-travel package will let you, as the name implies, see the history of a file.
The other package will assist you in case of merge conflicts.


First you need to install the base linter package. From there you can add linters as you wish, f.ex. CSS, Javascript, PHP and even Twig.


We’ve all done it. Adding a todo but not putting them in our issue tracker. These are just small insignificant todo’s that we tend to lose sight of. With the Todo Show package you can call up a list of all todo’s within either your project or your open files.



Seti is a subtle dark theme for Atom that renders nice icons to to each of your files. In combination with the syntax theme Setiyou get a beautiful view for coding.


So definitely check these out, install them and try them out. They’ll be worth your while to improve development using

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