18 Apr 2016 2-minute read
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First thoughts on using GitHub’s editor

There are a lot of editors and IDE’s out there. Each with their own unique style and flavor to please a certain crowd.
For a long time I used PhpStorm to develop my applications but recently I decided to try something else. was the first editor on my mind to try out.

When you first download it comes installed with a few core features that makes editing and working on text and code a lot easier than a regular textpad.

These core features can be extended by what are called “Packages”. These packages are mostly maintained by the community.
Now this is not a small community that we are talking about. And this only helps become a better editor.

If there is a feature you would love but that is not available then allows you to create your own package.
This means that you can extend the way you like.

Besides the features you can also install a bunch of themes. Thus you can easily change the way looks.
Just like the features these are maintained by the community. This also means you can easily create your own theme.

In this post I list some handy packages that I use with a small explanation. Even though theme’s are more based on taste I added one that might prove useful due to it’s features.

I recommend giving a try. It might not be the best IDE or editor there is but it’s highly customize-able and there is a large community behind it. Let me know what you think of

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