My 2021 Personal Retrospective

2021 has passed and it counts for me as the worst year so far. Losing 3 family members really made an impact. However, I try to remain positive for the future. Lat’s look back at 2021 and then have a brief look into what is planned for 2022.

Book review - So Good They Can't Ignore You

I recently finished the book So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport on how to build a career you can love. Let’s do a small review.

Documentation, not an afterthought

Documentation, we love it when it’s there, we hate it when it’s not. We seem to hate it, even more, when we’re the ones who have to write it. So, much like with writing tests, we make up excuses. We don’t know when to write it or even how to structure it. I understand writing can be difficult. And we need to structure it in a way that it’s easy to read and use.

Book review - No Rules Rules

I recently finished the book No Rules Rules on how Netflix created its exceptional culture. Let’s do a small review.

My 2020 Personal Retrospective

2020 has passed, what a crazy year! Now, everyone has high expectations of 2021. Let’s do a small retrospective. Look at what has passed, what we can learn from it and what the future might bring!

Improving My Productivity And Happiness With Things

I’ve been using Things for a while now. But I felt I did not use it to it’s fullest potential. So this weekend I updated my workflow. In this post, I’ll tell you what I did and how I use Things to improve my productivity.

PHPBenelux 2020 Review

Another year, another PHPBenelux. This year, on the 24th and the 25th of January, it was the 11th edition. In this post I look back on what was another fun edition of this conference!

My 2019 Personal Retrospective

Around this time I always see a lot of people creating new posts about their previous year. In my quest for creating more content, I wanted to create that kind of post as well. But I wanted it to be different. So I’m doing a 2019 personal retrospective.

Use Case:

To build this site I used my User Experience Design training to determine what I exactly needed to build. This post is a summary of that research document.

PHPBenelux 2020 Workshop: User Experience Design 101

I’m delighted to announce that I will be giving a workshop on User Experience Design at PHPBenelux 2020.